Wendy’s pledges to improve animal housing and use antibiotics responsibly by 2024


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Wendy’s most recent Corporate Responsibility Report underscores the brand’s commitment to improving the care of the animals it uses for its food. To underscore this commitment, the brand launched a new corporate banner, “Good Done Right,” which, according to a press release, is designed to underscore Wendy’s continued focus on best animal care practices. , including securing better housing conditions and responsible use of antibiotics for this livestock used by the brand by the end of 2024. The report also includes efforts to improve employee benefits at the company and reduce the brand’s environmental footprint.

“At Wendy’s, we believe doing the right thing is the only way to do business,” President and CEO Todd Penegor said in the statement. “Being a responsible corporate citizen is a priority for our brand, and Good Done Right is our way of communicating how we advance various commitments to have a positive impact in the areas of food, people and our environmental footprint. “

The brand said it consolidates its entire corporate social responsibility initiative under one banner and then makes sure to document progress to also ensure it meets its end goals. Meeting this obligation requires a third party materiality assessment to ensure that CSR goals are also aligned with stakeholder priorities and to guide the way forward for the business.

Last year in the context of CSR, the brand has counted as success the following:

  • Formalized its new beef, pork, chicken and egg assessment tool launched this year, called Wendy’s Animal Care Standards Program.
  • Replaced by all vine-ripened hydroponic tomatoes in North America.
  • Hydroponic lettuce tested in Canada.
  • Launch of its food “vision” around the slogan “Fast Food Done Right”, to emphasize menu innovation.
  • Launched its “Squarely Sustainable” approach to make more efficient and less use of resources and to drive action and commitment to system-wide sustainability.
  • Participated in the NextGen Cup Challenge of the NextGen Consortium to identify more sustainable hot and cold fiber cup options.
  • Achieved a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index.
  • Named Best Workplace for LGBTQ Equality.
  • Ongoing support for foster children with over $ 15 million raised for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and its Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program.
  • Domestic partner benefits extended to company employees.
  • Employee assistance program extended to all company employees.


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