Webster Co. Animal Care & Control is experiencing overcrowding

DIXON, Ky. (WFIE) – Webster County Animal Care and Control officials are asking for help from the community as they experience overcrowding at their facility.

“Honestly, we never keep these kennels full, but we really have no choice,” animal control director Aaron Richmond said, commenting on the facility’s 12 outdoor kennels.

With 68 dogs currently housed and only 52 kennels available, shelter managers had to make the most of the space they have.

“I would love to send out five or six a week, but we only gave out a few,” Richmond said.

Richmond has been at the facility since 2014, when it was a kill shelter. Richmond says everything changed in 2016 and it’s been their mission ever since.

The growing number of dogs in the facility makes tracking more difficult. The establishment has only two full-time and two part-time employees.

“We just have to get these dogs out of here,” Richmond said. “We have way too many [dogs].”

Richmond also told 14 News that adoption applicants must sign a waiver promising to spay and neuter the dog they adopt. They used to perform the procedure in-house, but with a shortage of vets in the county, they can no longer do that.

Even with these hurdles, Richmond wants to make sure people know about the quality of the dogs they house at the facility.

“We have so many big dogs here that really need homes,” Richmond said. “If there’s people who have room for a dog and would like to have one, come see us. We have so many good dogs, we really do.

We offer many different races and ages. From one week to seven, people have a wide range of choices.

“You know, everyone wants a small dog or a certain breed, but just give them a chance,” Richmond said.

If you are interested in adopting or getting in touch with the facility, you can find more information available on their Facebook page.

Those who cannot adopt but would still like to help are encouraged to donate to Webco Pawsitive Solutionsa non-profit organization that works directly with the school.

The shelter encourages all pet owners to neuter and neuter their animals.

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Boyd S. Abbott