Virat Kohli Foundation and Vivaldis Animal Health inaugurate trauma and rehabilitation center for stray animals

In April 2021, Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli announced that he was setting up two animal care facilities in Mumbai. Virat, an animal enthusiast, credits Anushka Sharma for showing her the difficulties encountered by stray animals in our city.

Bollywood superstar and renowned animal activist Anushka Sharma has supported animal welfare and animal rights on numerous occasions. Inspired by Anushka’s passion for animals, Virat, through his foundation, seeks opportunities to help stray animals.

The Center will treat injured stray animals in the area, and a team of 10 experts will be responsible for leading the operation, together with Vivaldis Animal Health, a leading Indian animal health company founded by Kunal Khanna, a former from London Business School.

As part of the initiative, a fully equipped ambulance will be available at the center for emergency calls. In addition, will provide medicines to support the stray animals of the center.

Virat Kohli said: “I admire Anushka’s dedication to animal welfare and have been inspired by her. It is our dream to create a safer space for the stray animals in our city. We are delighted to announce that the center is ready, and I hope to make a difference with this noble initiative. “

So far, the Virat Kohli Foundation has mainly focused on supporting aspiring athletes from all over India. However, Virat is now looking to go beyond the sporting realm and use its current associations and partnerships to create infrastructure and make resources available to those in need. VKF will now set up education, health and animal welfare projects.

Vivaldis Animal Health, founded in 2015, has quickly established itself as one of the leading pet healthcare companies in India, with a presence in 60 cities and over 2,500 veterinary clinics and pet stores. They have a strong portfolio of innovative solutions developed in-house for companion animals as well as products licensed from global pet health players.

“We announced our association with the Virat Kohli and Awaaz Foundation earlier on April 21 and the whole team has worked tirelessly to ensure that we are ready with our first trauma and rehabilitation center five months later. am extremely grateful to Anushka and Virat for their unwavering support of stray animals, as we continue to grow our association, with many more initiatives to come. Vivaldis is committed to continuous innovation in the field of animal health from company, while working to build safe spaces for less privileged stray animals, ”said Kunal Khanna, Founder and CEO of Vivaldis Animal Health.

And Awaaz Voice of Stray Animals, is a Mumbai-based NGO that has been working for the welfare of stray animals since 2017.

“We are grateful to Anushka and Virat for giving us the opportunity to help service animals. We also thank the Virat Kohli Foundation and Vivaldis for their collaboration. We look forward to carrying out our work with the same dedication as since the inception of Awaaz, ”said Amit Pathak, Founder of Awaaz Voice of Stray Animals.

Source: Press release

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