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Kandice Powelson and her son, Preston, strive to make life for pets and their owners a little easier when it comes to caring.

The Powelsons are traveling animal helpers.

Their business, Pet Pawsitive, allows customers to have their pets cared for in the comfort of their own home.

The company mainly works on improving animal lifestyle, including nail trimming, sanitary shaving, eye/ear cleaning and anal gland expression.

Kandice Powelson said she and her son have a combined 20 years of experience as veterinary assistants.

“We both worked at veterinary clinics in Omaha, and we both still do, but then COVID happened,” Powelson said.

During the height of COVID, with many institutions and businesses experiencing rapid changes and adjustments, veterinary clinics underwent the same procedure.

“We found out during curbside vet visits during COVID that people absolutely love not going into the building. They prefer to wait in their car,” Powelson said.

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Pressure on staff and clients added to the Powelsons’ decision to think outside the box when it comes to veterinary care.

“There was a lot of burnout with support and doctors during COVID, then I broke my foot in an accident. I didn’t know if I wanted to go back to medical work. We noticed the stress of the animals and owners going to a clinic, so we thought we could go to them,” Powelson said.

The Powelsons, from Yutan, then posted on their community board to gauge the community’s interest in going to their homes rather than a clinic. It received over 100 comments, many of them outside the community.

“My biggest thing as a mother-son business is advertising. We use Facebook and it takes us traveling from Omaha, Plattsmouth, Fort Calhoun, Fremont, Bellevue, Papillion and even Murray sometimes,” Powelson said.

Pet Pawsitive has had around 100 customers, with Powelson saying many are return customers.

“People have told us they have to drug or muzzle their dog and they’re still stressed out at the clinic,” Powelson said.

Afterwards, Powelson and his son come into their home and take their time with the animal.

“We’ve had great success delivering our services,” Powelson said.

Even with curbside vet visits still available, Powelson thinks the convenience is still very noticeable.

“It’s a huge convenience for humans. They don’t have to go to a vet clinic and wait 45 minutes for something that could be done at home,” Powelson said.

This service has not only reduced owners’ stress, but has helped animals treat them in a more comfortable atmosphere, as Powelson explained.

“We have a customer in Papillion. She has a 5 year old schnauzer and a 4 year old beagle. Before, she had to heal the two to get them into the car. We were vomiting once in the car. When they arrived at the clinic, they had to muzzle the schnauzer. After a while of visiting, we were able to do it all without drugs or muzzling,” Powelson said.

For Pet Pawsitive, keeping pets comfortable is a priority, which is why they say they’ve never received a bad review or have to take weeks to get a pet comfortable with them. .

“It doesn’t take too long for us to get comfortable and for the animal to be calm. This is what made us want to continue. We thought some dogs might be protecting their home, but we haven’t had any such cases yet. Dogs, and really all animals, do better at home. Sometimes they do better with their humans there, sometimes without their humans,” Powelson said.

Powelson walks potential customers through what they need to have on hand when they walk through the door.

“Nothing, really nothing,” Powelson said. “We come in, meet the owners, we spend time getting to know the dogs and we go to work. Sometimes we take them outside or into the garage if permitted if we do a sanitary shave or anal gland expression. Other than that, the owners have nothing to do.

Information about Pet Pawsitive can be found on Facebook or on Pet owners can also call Pet Pawsitive at 402-618-3864.

Boyd S. Abbott