Urgent need for foster families at the Pima Animal Care Center

TUCSON, AZ – There are kennels in the lobby. There are dogs in the offices. The Pima Animal Care Center accommodates animals wherever there is room.

The center is in urgent need of foster homes or adoptions for 100 large dogs today.

“It’s the worst it has ever been,” said Nikki Reck, the centre’s public information officer.

The shelter was totally short of space on Thursday, with 749 animals in the facility and more than 1,500 in its care. The center accommodates between 80 and 100 animals per day, but is adopting fewer than 20 per day, according to a press release.

Reck has canine roommates in his own office and said there are kennels in all other offices and meeting and hospitality rooms. She added that the center will continue to set up more kennels and seek help from the public as the animals continue to arrive.

“We need people who can immediately welcome or adopt dogs over 40 pounds,” said Monica Dangler, director of animal services in the press release. “We currently have 530 large dogs at the shelter, but even with paired dogs that can be housed in one kennel, we are running out of kennel space.”

The center attributes the lack of space to an increase in the number of animals lost to the monsoon, more dogs who prefer to be alone in their kennels and an influx of animals involved in investigations by the protection services. animals and which cannot be adopted immediately.

Adopting or welcoming a large dog now will save many lives, Danger said.

Those looking to help just need to be confident in caring for a dog, they don’t need any special skills, Reck said.

The center provides veterinary care, crates, supplies and food for foster animals.

Locals can also help the shelter by taking temporary responsibility for lost, friendly and healthy pets that end up in their neighborhood. These animals most likely belonged to someone nearby, the center said in the press release.

Shelter staff suggest trying to find the owner by knocking on doors. Researchers can report an animal has been located by texting the word “found” to 833-552-0591.

Because immediate adoptions are a priority at the moment, non-emergency calls to the center may be delayed.

Also due to overcrowding at the shelter, the center has reduced its appointments for homeowners. Owners who do not have an immediate crisis will need to keep their pets for up to four weeks.

The Pima Animal Care Center is open from noon to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Boyd S. Abbott

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