Treatment of challenged animals at a temporary shelter in St. Lucie Co.


PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla .– The city of Port St. Lucie says dogs in care at a St. Lucie County temporary animal shelter were not receiving the care they needed.

Zeus walked past the Humane Society refuge on Glades Cut Off Road on Tuesday. He is one of nine dogs the city of Port St. Lucie brought back last week from a temporary shelter in the county.

Dan Wire, the new chairman of the Humane Society board, said four of the nine dogs were in poor condition, with foot and rib fungus exposed.

“I am a dog lover. I have two Pomeranians. I was absolutely shocked, ”Wire said.

Wire and Port St. Lucie deputy mayor Shannon Martin, who is also on the Humane Society board of directors, raised their concerns to the county commission on Tuesday.

“If we pay for it and use tax dollars for it, dogs shouldn’t look like this,” Martin said.

After a volunteer was mutilated to death by a shelter dog last May, Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce and the County of St. Lucie severed ties with the Humane Society.

The three agencies had shared a temporary shelter near the airport since last fall. Port St. Lucie recently decided to give the Humane Society a fresh start with funding.

“You’re going to see these animals are remarkably different from what they are today,” Wire said.

County commission chairman Cathy Townsend agrees they need to get the animals out of the temporary quarters, but says the shelter has done its job.

“I am convinced that the animals are cared for in our establishment. I know for a fact that the staff at our shelter do a great job, ”said Townsend.

Currently, the county’s temporary shelter is expected to close in June.

Instead of partnering again with the Town of Port St. Lucie, the County of St. Lucie commissioners first plan to try to strike a new deal with the Town of Fort Pierce to repair the shelter. originated on Savannah Road in Fort Pierce. Votes on this possibility could take place as early as next week.


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