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The Smithsonian National Zoo has announced that the cub will be placed with a cheetah foster mother in the future.

A video shared by the Smithsonian’s National Zoo on its official Instagram page about a baby cheetah stunned people. The video shows the animal staff of the association raising the small animal. In addition to the video, they also shared a description caption.

Animal care staff at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute hand-reared a young male cheetah for several weeks before placing him with a cheetah foster mother at another zoo,” they wrote.

In the following lines, they further described the situation of the little one. “The cub was part of a litter of three born to a 7-year-old female, Sukiri, on September 16; one cub was stillborn and one cub did not survive after a few minutes (updated September 21). The guards report that the little one is strong, active, vocal and eats well, ”they added.

Take a look at the sweet video showing one of the staff giving milk to the cub.


The video, since its sharing, has garnered more than 60,000 views and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also accumulated various types of comments.

“What sort of formula are you feeding him?” Asked an Instagram user. To which, the zoo responded, “Animal care staff are staying around the clock to feed the little one every 2-3 and a half hours at the SCBI veterinary hospital. The cub is fed a formula that has been successfully used to hand-breed cheetah cubs in other zoos.

“Why an adoptive mother? Another asked. The zoo also answered the question. “While our team can take care of this cub at short notice, it is important that he learns to be a cheetah with other cheetahs his age and that he soon gets the attention of an adult female cheetah.” . We hope to have more baby cheetahs born at SCBI in the near future, but now is not a good time for the baby to stay here, ”they replied.

“Thank you for sharing details in other comments about how and why this cheetah is in your care,” commented a third.

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