The best animal care games

Many games revolve around the idea of ​​management and maintenance and can be applied to managing a business, city, business, city or more. This creates different levels of complexity, with the goal of making things work well and everyone happy.

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Some titles will ask you to take care of animals, both real and fantastic, so that they are healthy and content wherever you take care of them. Yet, just like humans, animals have their own needs and requirements to thrive in a different environment. There are notable titles that feature this kind of challenge in order to test your abilities and attentiveness.


8 To the rescue!

Animals are naturally wild, but as humans have evolved, animals have had to adapt to an ever-changing world. Although there is still a wilderness full of wild animals, many animals are trapped in urban environments and abandoned by indifferent people.

That’s why it’s up to you to rescue them and give them hope in To The Rescue! In this game, you run a dog shelter, with the goal of helping dogs in need and trying to find them homes. Until then, you’ll need to take care of them and make sure they’re comfortable around you.

seven Nintendogs

Nintendo is all about making cute and fun games that feel accessible to almost anyone. When the DS came out, one of the biggest hits at launch was Nintendogs. Not only was it a way to show exactly how the touchscreen worked, but it also gave people a taste of what it’s like to have a dog.

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Played entirely from a first-person perspective, you are a person who has decided to adopt a dog. With this comes many responsibilities, such as feeding, cleaning, playing and walking them.

6 Stardew Valley

Independent developers are admirable for the time and personal resources they devote to completing a passion project. That’s what Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, did with the release of Stardew Valley. While this was obviously another farming sim, it had plenty of other elements to make it more compelling, like venturing into monster-filled mines to hunt for loot.

Still, the most profitable and time-consuming aspect of the game is your farm, which can have animals. You can adopt chickens, cows, ducks, sheep, rabbits and goats to stay with you. They all contribute to the farm, so you need to make sure their living conditions are clean and comfortable, that they are fed, and that you show them affection.

5 slime breeder

Slimes are one of the most common enemies in several game genres. They are quite weak, but can be annoying depending on the amount of twists and the fact that they come in groups. If so, who would have thought it was a good idea to try to grow them? Well, that’s what you do in Slime Rancher.

You play as a rancher on an alien world populated by slimes of all shapes and sizes. While some can be dangerous, most are harmless, but getting them back to the ranch can still be tricky. When you do, be sure to put them in a spacious corral that meets their needs.

4 harvest moon

One of the oldest and most prolific series in the Nintendo library is Harvest Moon. This can be seen as the start of what has become the farming simulation genre, and for good reason. Each game puts you in the role of a rookie farmer who takes over a farm that is in dire need of a makeover.

You will also interact with the inhabitants of the town, involve yourself in their lives and try to restore the natural balance of the region. To do this you will have to manage a prosperous farm and the animals are a great help. However, they can be very fragile creatures, so you’ll need to check on them frequently and let them know you care.

3 The Last Guardian

Team Ico developers have a reputation for creating games that are both dramatic and beautiful. Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus were incredibly well received and were joined by a themed sequel in The Last Guardian. In this title, you play as a young boy who has been taken away by a creature called Trico.

After forming a tentative bond of trust, you must work with Trico to navigate treacherous ruins and confront the enemies within. Trico looks to you for advice and will need to be fed and cared for after any injuries sustained during combat.

2 Monster Breeder

Alongside Pokémon, another anime monster training series tried to make a name for itself. Monster Rancher revolved around humans forming close bonds with individual monsters, with the oddity that they could talk and reason. Because they only had to deal with a few monsters at a time, the focus was on relationships, which carried over to the games.

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You would be given a monster and then had to train all of its stats separately, while going on adventures and competing in tournaments. If you worked too hard with your monsters, their health deteriorated quickly, so you had to work with them to find that balance.

1 Insaniquarium

When it comes to pets, fish are generally considered low maintenance and calming to watch. This isn’t always true, as different fish need different conditions to thrive, such as the right food, adequate space, and a clean environment. They also need protection from predators like teleporter aliens. This is a major concern in the virtual aquarium you have in Insaniquarium.

You are tasked with taking care of a bunch of fish which will reward you with treasures the bigger and happier they are in the tank. Along with feeding yourself, you’ll also need to destroy the invading aliens by shooting lasers at them.

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