Suffolk County SPCA and Animal Care Centers Share Thanksgiving Day Pet Safety Tips – NBC New York


Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching.

With multitudes cooking up festive dinners and perhaps preparing to travel to see loved ones, it’s important not to forget about the furry family members.

With that in mind, the Suffolk County SPCA and Animal Care Centers have shared tips on how to care for your pets in preparation for these festivities.

Avoid feeding your pets table scraps, the Suffolk County SPCA said.

Feeding pet remains can lead to minimal weight gain. However, other dangers can arise. For example, keep turkey bones away from pets, as they can cause blockages, choking, and damage to the intestines. Bones can break with consumption and cause serious injury.

According to the ACC, you should not feed your pet raw dough and avoid corn on the cob as this poses a great risk of choking.

However, if you want to share a small treat with your pet, a small amount of lean turkey meat with not too much spice or too much sauce is acceptable, according to the CCA, as are sweet potatoes which are not. not very spaced and not having too much sugar.

Vacationers you may have in your residence should understand your pet’s “house rules” including play time, treats, jumps, climb on counters, meal time, etc. ., advice from the Suffolk County SPCA.

According to the Suffolk County SPCA, chocolate should always be kept away from your pet’s reach, especially dark chocolate, which is the most poisonous and can be fatal.

Additionally, onions and garlic can cause severe anemia, especially in cats, while raisins and grapes can cause significant kidney damage and lead to kidney failure.

Also, avoid giving your pets anything containing alcohol, CCA recommends.

As the cold rolls in and we prepare to brave the colder temperatures, pet owners need to make sure to clean up any antifreeze spills immediately, the Suffolk County SPCA warns. The smell of this highly toxic substance attracts pets.


Boyd S. Abbott