Statesman Season for Caring, Firehouse Animal Health Centers Donate $ 10,000 in Veterinary Care



Three months ago, 11-year-old Lamar Batts took his puppy Versace to the bathroom in the middle of the night and dropped him.

Versace, a long-haired Chihuahua mix, broke one of his front legs near the shoulder. Batts’ mother Caitlin Coker took Versace to a vet and was told Versace needed $ 3,500 surgery.

It wasn’t something Coker could afford. She and her three boys welcomed her grandmother, Diana Sneed, and cousins ​​Jalija, 9, and Seraiyah, 5, in July after their home in East Austin burned down.

In November, Coker was able to take Versace and his brother, Chi-Chi, for a checkup and exam of Versace’s leg at the Firehouse Animal Health Center in Round Rock.

The five locations of the Firehouse Animal Health Center donated $ 10,000 in veterinary care to the star families of Statesman Season for Caring. This year, they will take care of Coker’s two dogs, as well as the Gaston-Ellis family dogs Tookie, Leyla and Venus; Cheryl Selby’s dog, Freddy; the Riveras dog, Bella, and the cat, Elijah; and Judy Silva’s dog, JJ.

This is the fifth year that Firehouse Animal Health Centers has donated $ 10,000 in care to the Statesman program, which helps families referred by local nonprofit organizations, as well as hundreds of other families in central Texas served by these. non-profit organizations.

In the program : How to Help Families Through the Statesman Season for Caring Program

“We give because pets bring joy to their humans and provide support during difficult times. That’s what draws us to Season for Caring every year, ”said Adan Davila, hospital director at Firehouse Belterra near Dripping Springs.

Coker had a long list of things that bothered her with her dogs. For Versace, who is 7 months old, she was worried about his foot, which sometimes makes him limp, as well as a lump on his stomach. On 2-year-old Chi-Chi, she worried about whether he had any lasting effects from parvo, as well as stinky breath. She also wanted to talk about flea prevention.

Dr Sean Quintana examined the two dogs, gave them their routine vaccines and heartworm prevention, and took x-rays of Versace’s leg.

There was good news all around. Versace’s foot heals on its own and surgery to straighten it is no longer necessary.

“It makes me feel better,” Coker said.

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She said she initially considered handing Versace over to someone who could afford the surgery, but said “no one would take it. In my mind, God says hold him back and help him.”

She noticed that Versace can now run as fast as Chi-Chi and doesn’t seem to let the leg slow him down. They will just need to watch for arthritis in that leg as it ages and treat it if it occurs.

Firehouse will also schedule the sterilization of Versace.

Chi-Chi didn’t need oral care, but Quintana offered advice on what kind of treats she could give him to help get rid of the troublesome breath.

They walked away with flea medicine, along with some new Firehouse bullets.

“Thank you very much everyone,” Coker told staff after receiving all the great news.

It was a relief for Coker, who is now the primary caregiver for his sons, two cousins ​​and their grandmother.

“I’m only 30 and taking care of all six of them is difficult,” she said. Meals on Wheels Central Texas, the nonprofit that nominated them to Season for Caring, has helped a lot, Coker said.

About the Sneed family: Season for Caring, Diana Sneed: Grandma Rebuilding After A House Burns Down

The Sneed family also needs help with rent and utilities; a lawyer to advise you on the reconstruction of the house; a sofa (preferably red); blinds and curtains; a washer and dryer; a laptop; and gift cards for HEB, Target and Walmart.

To learn more about the Sneed family or to make an item on their Wish List, contact Meals on Wheels Central Texas at 512-476-6325 or Their online wishlist is available at Amazon and Walmart.

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Until Christmas, the Sheth family donates up to $ 500,000.

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