Spring ISD Partners With Local Veterinarian To Provide Animal Care Services


April Lubian, a former student of Wunsche Sr. High School, assists a veterinarian with examining this dog at a clinic hosted as part of the school’s veterinary science program. (Courtesy of Spring ISD)

The Carl Wunsche Sr. High School Veterinary Science Program partners with local veterinarian Lori Seelhoff to provide low-cost preventative care, vaccines and physical exams for pets in the Spring community.

The first Wunsche Wellness Clinic of the 2021-22 school year will be held on August 21 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Campus Pet Clinic, located at 900 Wunsche Loop, Spring.

According to Jessica Graham, professor of veterinary science, the Saturday clinic will go beyond what is regularly offered at the Wunsche Pet Clinic on weekdays.

“The main difference between the Wunsche Welfare Clinic and the Wunsche Pet Clinic is that the Welfare Clinic offers clients the option of having their pets vaccinated and receiving monthly treatments for worm. heart, fleas and ticks as well as preventative diagnostic tests, all at a low cost, ”Graham said. “We will offer these services at cost price in the hope that we can have a huge impact on our community and district.”

In addition to providing an affordable option for area residents looking for basic veterinary services, Graham said the clinic will also serve as a training ground for students to hone their skills and gain insight into their future choices. career.

“My students look forward to these kinds of events as they practice and implement all the knowledge and skills they learned in the classroom and at the Wunsche Veterinary Clinic and apply them in a real environment,” Graham said. . . “They all work so hard and have such a passion for their chosen careers, and it’s amazing to see them start their journey in this field.”

Graham noted that the school hopes to turn the Wunsche Wellness Clinic into a regular monthly event if the community response remains strong.

Visits to the Wunsche Wellness Clinic from August 21 are by appointment only. Those interested in registering for the clinic can do so online by clicking here. For more information, send an email [email protected] or call 281-891-6660.


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