Quotes issued at Roswell Zoo for the treatment of animals


ROSWELL, NM (KRQE) – The federal government has cited a zoo in southeastern New Mexico for several violations. The quotes are the result of an inspection requested by PETA. The USDA has cited the Spring River Zoo in Roswell for a number of issues, including the health of a long-horned steer.

“The agency cited the roadside zoo for multiple animal welfare law violations despite the zoo’s promise three years ago to make the necessary improvements to animal welfare,” said Rebecca Smudzinski, spokesperson for PETA.

The quote indicates that a steer had invaded the hooves; this steer is almost 20 years old. The zoo says it was unable to provide necessary care for the steer within the USDA deadline.

“Considering the age of the animal, we could not find a vet who would be willing to immobilize the animal, we did not have restraints to physically restrain the animal for the size of the hooves. but even given the heat in summer, these are things we don’t normally do. So the criteria the USDA gave us to resolve this situation within that time frame left us no choice but to relocate the animal, ”said John Wright, zoo director.

Escapes of some animals from their enclosures were also on the list of citations. Earlier this year, the zoo was holding a bear from the Alamogordo Zoo, but it escaped but was returned unharmed. The zoo also had a beaver that escaped from its enclosure last year but was not found.

The people of Roswell say the zoo should do more for these animals, and that should be most important.

“The animals seem to be bored, not to be happy when I went to the zoo. They just look miserable, ”said one Roswell resident.

The longhorn steer was transferred to a local keeper. Citations are not fines but rather an initial warning to resolve issues.


Boyd S. Abbott

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