Pima Animal Care Center Urgently Needs 50 Adopters or Foster Families


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The Pima Animal Care Center must open 25 to 50 kennels immediately due to a large number of animals involving an overwhelmed caregiver. So far, PACC animal protection officers have taken in 19 cats and 2 dogs from the house. Officers are still checking to make sure all pets have been removed and are not hiding.

There is no welfare violation and all animals appear to be healthy, so no criminal charges will be issued at this time. PACC vets are examining all of these pets, so they won’t be available to welcome or adopt them for a few days. However, there was an immediate need to make room for these pets, so foster families and adopters are needed.

“We need to open up kennel spaces for these pets, so we need families that can accommodate or adopt large cats or dogs,” said Monica Dangler, director of animal services. “The shelter is always uncomfortably full for this time of year. “

Currently, PACC has 652 pets looking for foster or adoption homes, and 1,138 foster pets that also need homes. The high intake is caused by a combination of factors including healthy stray animals brought directly to the shelter when found, an increase in calls for Pet Support, dogs who prefer to be alone in the kennel, and an influx of animals. part of Animal Protection Services Investigations.

“Each day, the PACC opens with a handful of kennels available, and most of the time the shelter takes in more animals than it comes out,” Dangler said.

If you or someone you know needs help with the number of pets in their home, please contact our Pet Assistance Center.

For anyone who cannot foster or adopt, they can help by donating to Friends of Pima Animal Care Center. Friends of PACC is the official nonprofit partner of the Pima Animal Care Center and relies on grants and individual donations to support the rescue work of the shelter. People can donate at friendsofpacc.org.

The Pima Animal Care Center is open Monday to Friday from noon to 7 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. To see a list of available pets and services, visit pima.gov/animalcare.

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