Opening of new grants for animal housing, security and slurry

Two new TAMS II programs: the Animal Protection, Safety and Nutrient Storage Program and the Low Emission Slurry Spreading Program – LESS, were opened by the Minister of Agriculture, Simon Coveney.

Programs range from constructing new animal buildings, providing nutrient storage facilities and the ever-important safety features, to a more environmentally friendly approach to slurry spreading.

The Minister announced that an indicative allocation of around 175 million euros was made available under these two schemes over the entire PDR period. The total allocation for the various on-farm investment programs planned under TAMS II is € 395 million over the course of the program.

The schemes are open to all farmers who meet the general eligibility criteria, offering a standard aid rate of 40% on investments up to a ceiling of € 80,000.

Slurry equipment

Beneficiaries of the LESS scheme, whose indicative budget is 4 million euros, will be able to benefit from an independent ceiling of 40,000 euros which will have no impact on the 80,000 euro ceiling of other TAMS II schemes.

The LESS regime is designed to complement the related action under GLAS, which specifically encourages the application of slurry using this type of environmentally friendly technology, which includes shallow injection systems, dribble bars, dragging shoes, as well as umbilical systems including the flat pump hose base.

Animal housing

Regarding the major new animal protection, safety and storage program, Minister Coveney highlighted some of the most important areas of investment currently available, including barns, calving pens, manure pits, mass concrete tanks, circular slurry warehouses and circulation pipes to allow for the agitation of the slurry, as well as a range of security features.

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All requests must be made online, either by the farmer or by an advisor authorized to act on his behalf.

The ability for farmers and advisers to connect quickly via SMS is now available, and the terms and conditions of the new scheme can be found on the ministry’s website under “Schemes and payments for farmers”.

The online application system for both plans is available immediately. The first round of applications will last three months and close towards the end of October.

Minister Coveney also announced that the submission function has now been activated for the recently launched dairy equipment program, allowing farmers to submit their completed applications online starting today.

He also announced that the two remaining TAMS programs, namely the organic capital investment program and the specialized pig and poultry investment program, will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

All the TAMS programs envisaged in the new PDR will then be opened.

Boyd S. Abbott

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