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PHOTO: LA County Animal Care and Control | News | Director Marcia Mayeda and her horse, Murphy


It’s not every day that the Los Angeles County Director of Animal Care and Control participates in a hands-on animal rescue! On Sunday, August 22, 2021, director Marcia Mayeda and a friend were riding a horse at McCoy’s Equestrian Center in Chino Hills, Calif., When they heard the plaintive cries of a kitten stuck in a tree.

Passers-by were trying to help the kitten, but no one could reach it. Marcia’s horse, Murphy’s, a rare 17.2-handed Shire draft horse, was just what was needed. Marcia climbed Murphy under the tree and cuddled the kitten to a lower branch where she was able to save him safely (video link below). The little kitten returned home with Marcia and was quickly placed in a new loving home.

“Rescuing this little kitten really made my day,” Marcia said. “It was a heartwarming reminder of the satisfaction of getting involved in the field of animal welfare. While my administrative duties often prevent me from having such opportunities, it brought me back to my early days as an Animal Welfare Officer and I’m glad my animal management skills haven’t become rusty!

The Department of Animal Care and Control is reminding residents that more kittens are available for adoption at the seven Los Angeles County animal care centers. Consult the available animals and make an appointment for adoption on the Department’s website at

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