Metro Animal Care and Control reports slowing adoptions and spikes in intake

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control is home to more than 150 animals. That sounds like a lot, but the shelter manager tells us it’s not the admission rate that’s the problem. Instead, she said the pandemic has hit them in other ways, making this summer particularly difficult.

As Shelter Manager for MACC, Ashley Harrington said there are a lot of challenges that she knows well.

“I think we have 151 animals in-house right now,” she said.

That’s high, but Harrington said the numbers are still increasing at this time. The admission numbers are not that different from the norm. The new challenge is this: Harrington said the onset of the pandemic has changed people’s habits in many ways.

“Those are our outgoing numbers,” she said. “Our adoptions are kind of at an impasse. We’re not seeing as many people coming in. This isn’t a problem unique to Nashville. Many shelters across the United States are feeling this, and it’s almost like everyone was going out during COVID, adopted their pup, and we just don’t see those people coming in, looking for an adoptable pet for their home.”

Harrington said the current situation was particularly difficult, with his staff not seeing as many applicants, alongside the annual influx of loose dogs into the community after the July 4 fireworks.

“It’s something that scares puppies, and they fly away,” she said.

Harrington said she was trying to sort everything out.

“We are waiving the claim fee,” she said. “If your dog or cat is lost, we will waive the claim fee for you until the end of the weekend.”

Harrington said they are also hosting a Name Your Prize Adoption Weekend.

“These are different times,” she said. “We’re adapting. We’re rolling with the hits a bit. We’re doing our best to take care of homeless animals here in Nashville.”

Boyd S. Abbott