Marianne seeks investors for her online animal treatment business


A FORMER Ilkley Grammar School student is seeking support from small investors to raise funds to market her new pet-related business.

Skipton-raised veterinary physiotherapist Marianne Strange is starting an online business – Protect My Pet – that aims to ensure pet owners maintain regular flea and other treatments to keep their pets healthy.

Marianne said people spend around £ 56million a year on treating their pets for fleas and the pet care market is worth around £ 42bn. She believes there is a gap in the market and, if successful, plans to expand the range of products and services provided.

She only has a few days to raise around £ 3,000 to cover the costs of marketing and promoting the new business, which she is starting with a business partner who is a working vet.

Marianne hopes people will invest through the crowdfunding campaign, which runs until Wednesday. Those interested can support the project with as little as £ 2 – and £ 1 will be donated to charity.

Marianne, who now lives in London, said: “Even as a professional vet myself and with the best of intentions, I still have a hard time remembering when to treat my own dogs and cats for fleas and worms.

“Speaking to customers, I realized that there were a lot of other pet owners who also forgot to treat their pets for fleas and worms, and that’s where the concept of Protect My Pet was born.

“The new business is an online subscription service for pet owners. Subscribers will receive a tailored package containing essential flea and deworming treatments, as well as healthy treats.

“The products will be selected by a veterinarian and packaged in a box small enough to fit in a letterbox and delivered monthly to help spread the cost. When it arrives in the mail, it’s time to dose.”

Rather than offering backers equity capital in the business, Marianne will offer them the Protect My Pet service at a reduced price.

So far, she has secured pledges of around £ 600, but is hopeful that by reaching out directly to pet owners she will secure the funding for a marketing campaign.

Marianne was shortlisted among the top 100 contestants for The Pitch, the UK’s largest small business competition. She aims to reach the final in November, where she will present her business plan to a live audience of judges, investors and supporters to try to win the top prize for expert mentoring and other business supports. .

Visit if you are interested in investing in the business.


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