Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center pays tribute to deceased colleague

“Nina is a ray of sunshine in human form, that’s definitely what she is in any room she walks into, instantly lit up.”

LONGVIEW, Texas – Losing someone you love is hard on everyone and at Longview Animal Care and Adoption Centeremployees mourn the loss of one of their own.

Nina Allen, who was the shelter’s chief animal counselor, was killed in a crash in Harrison County on Sunday at the age of 26.

The news came as a real shock to his colleagues.

“You just feel like there’s this giant hole in your heart and we’re sure going to miss its positivity,” animal services manager Chris Kemper said.

Allen’s work ethic, drive and positivity rubbed off on the people she met and those she worked closely with.

“Nina is a ray of sunshine in human form, that’s definitely who she is in any room she walks in, immediately lit up,” said Brittany Mills, chief animal care technician. “Her personality shines before she even walks into a room.”

Allen’s love and passion for animals is what made him stand out. She has helped thousands of animals find forever homes throughout her time at the shelter.

“In the four years she was here, we’ve adopted over 6,000 animals and she had her hand and every one of them in one way or another and that’s her legacy,” Kemper added.

To help cope with the loss, Kemper and his team created a catalog of photos and videos to help reflect on the good times Allen left for them to cherish.

“My favorite video of her is of her dancing with the lamb,” Kemper said. “This video was so Nina in so many ways and literally within 24 hours had gone viral. It’s just a day in the life of working with Nina.

Mills, who is Allen’s best friend, says she will forever cherish the memories and the bond they had in their friendship.

“I love her so much with all my heart and I hope I will keep that love for the rest of my life because it was special, she was special for sure,” Mills added.

The adoption center plans to use all adoption fees this month to fund the Nina Allen Memorial Fund. The money will go to Allen’s family.

Allen’s funeral is scheduled for this Saturday and is only open to close friends and family.

Kemper says if there’s anyone who knows Allen personally who would like to share your favorite story or memory of her, just drop by the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center. Facebook page.

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Boyd S. Abbott