Humane Society accuses Indiana lab of inhumane treatment of animals

The group said West Lafayette-based Inotiv treated animals inhumanely during a seven-month investigation and most of the animals were killed after the study.

INDIANAPOLIS — The Humane Society of the United States is calling for changes to an animal testing lab in Indiana after a months-long undercover investigation.

The group said Inotiv, which is based in West Lafayette, is responsible for the inhumane treatment of animals. The Humane Society report, which was released Thursday, claims an undercover investigator worked at the Indiana lab from August to March and was assigned to more than 70 toxicity studies involving more than 6,000 animals.

The report highlights the alleged mistreatment of dogs and primates and states that most animals were killed at the end of the studies, which is typical of drug tests.

The Humane Society said there are currently 82 dogs involved in another study that are expected to be killed at its conclusion, but they hope to change that.

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Inotiv sent a statement to 13News on Thursday evening, saying they were reviewing the claims made in the report. But they say the research they do is legally required in the United States to develop drugs and improve the lives of humans and animals.

“Our mission at Inotiv is to help our customers realize the full potential of their scientific and medical research, which ultimately contributes to a significant improvement in the lives of humans and animals,” the company’s statement read. “The research we perform is legally required in the United States to develop lifesaving drugs, medical devices and biologics.”

The Humane Society calls on the FDA and pharmaceutical companies to replace current animal testing practices with a different approach.

Boyd S. Abbott