Humane Animal Treatment Society Welcomes New Director


The Humane Animal Treatment Society is proud to announce that it has a new Executive Director. Angela Miedema started her new role as Executive Director in November.

Miedema is a 2013 graduate of Central Michigan University. She specialized in biology with an emphasis on pre-veterinary medicine. Miedema has been working in the field of animal welfare for over 10 years. She was successful in major animal cruelty cases in her former position as Animal Control Officer for Kent County. Miedema has worked with a variety of species ranging from alligators and wolves to dogs and cats.

“We are focused on creating the best possible matches for our pets and potential foster homes.” Miedema said. “We take an adoption counseling approach where we get to know individuals and what they look for in a pet, as well as what would be best for that animal, as opposed to a black and white adoption policy. White.”

Miedema also emphasizes the importance of adoption from a shelter. “Adopting an animal from the Humane Animal Treatment Society allows the shelter to welcome another animal in need from our community.”

Miedema also strives to make the shelter a resource for the community by providing educational resources and access to low cost sterilization / sterilization.

The Humane Animal Treatment Society works closely with Isabella County Animal Control to help with shelter vision. The shelter also hosts events that will allow the community to interact with the shelter and learn how to keep their pets healthy.

Humane Animal Treatment Society is dedicated to serving the homeless animals of Isabella County. HATS has been celebrating homeless animal care for over 20 years and was officially engaged by Isabella county Animal Control to provide animal care, adoption services, as well as sterilization and sterilization services to the community. for 12 years.


Boyd S. Abbott

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