Horry County Animal Care Center Partners With ‘No Kill South Carolina’ To Help Save Animals Statewide


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The Horry County Animal Care Center is committed to making South Carolina a No Kill state when it comes to animals in shelters.

The HCACC signed an agreement in September to be a “No Kill South Carolina” partner, which means the center no longer euthanizes healthy adoptable animals.

No Kill South Carolina’s shelters, rescue groups and partner clinics are committed to focusing on South Carolina’s animal rescue efforts. They also provide daily care to all animals and ensure that no animals are raised or used for breeding purposes.

The goal of No Kill South Carolina is to increase the rate of release of live animals that are brought to shelters and to reduce the overpopulation of homeless animals.

At a public safety committee meeting earlier this month, it was revealed that the HCACC had increased its live streaming rate to 80.83%, from 51% the previous year.

Some of the No Kill South Carolina strategies include finding homes for homeless animals through open adoption programs, fostering animals at risk, reuniting loved ones with the furry family member who may be lost. and saving the lives of abused, abandoned and unwanted animals.

The organization also fights animal cruelty by working with law enforcement agencies and advocating for stricter laws.

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Boyd S. Abbott

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