Elanco Animal Health selected for FORTUNE’s Change the World 2021 list


GREENFIELD, Ind .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Elanco Animal Health Incorporated (NYSE: ELAN) today announces its inclusion in the Change the World List 2021, which rewards companies that have had a significant social or environmental impact through their strategy and lucrative operations.

This year’s post honored Elanco’s shared value initiative “Growth accelerator in East Africa (EAGA) » and classified Elanco 19e on the list of 53 companies that do good by doing good.

With East Africa’s growth accelerator, Elanco is providing smallholder farmers in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda with access to training and high-quality veterinary products in affordable small packages. This driven, shared value initiative began in 2017 with the support of a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In early 2021, Elanco integrated the activity in East Africa into its business operations, as the initiative became both profitable and sustainable independently.

This effort is part of Elanco’s sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Healthy Purpose â„¢ framework and illustrates Elanco’s perspective on the role of animals as a two-way solution. biggest challenges in society: hunger and climate change. “At Elanco, we are rooted in our purpose and deep commitment to be a force for good in the world, both through the products and services we provide and our ability to influence the systems in which we operate ”, a said Jeff Simmons, president and CEO of Elanco. “Animals occupy a unique position at the center of climate and nutrition. We can close the hunger gap, meet climate goals, and open a new frontier of value for large-scale producers and small farmers. ”

Going forward, Elanco is committed to expanding its shared value footprint as part of its commitment to create more resilient food systems by 2030, helping to improve the efficiency and sustainability of every farmer with whom the company works, to improve the health and welfare of 3 billion farm animals. and support and improve the agricultural productivity and incomes of 250,000 smallholder dairy and poultry farmers.

With EAGA, Elanco has created a revolutionary shared value initiative that provides sustainable development solutions to address food shortages in East African countries. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the battle to end hunger must be fought primarily in rural areas, where nearly 80% of the world’s hungry and poor live.[1]. But in East Africa, 25% of farm animals are currently lost to animal diseases[2].

Working with local partners, Elanco enables farmers in the region to improve animal health and welfare, improve the productivity of their farms and improve the lives of those who depend on livestock for their sustenance. By the end of 2021, Elanco plans to reach a total of 240,000 smallholder dairy and poultry farmers in the three countries, benefiting the health of around 1.1 million cows and 16 million chickens with new access to animal health products.

In 2018, EAGA delivered a Social Return on Investment (SROI) of $ 2.48 per dollar invested. EAGA’s net economic benefits to smallholder farmers will be reassessed by the end of 2021. While EAGA was originally supported by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation until 2020, Elanco received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. grant extension for 2021 to ensure last mile delivery. of products and services in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more information on the growth accelerator in East Africa here.

FORTUNE, one of the world’s top business magazines, began publishing the annual Change the World list in 2015. Companies are ranked based on the measurable reach, nature and sustainability of their social impact, as well as business results, the degree of innovation and the integration of the initiative into the overall strategy of the company.

Each year, the initial solicitation and assessment of candidates is conducted in partnership with the Shared Value Initiative, a global platform for organizations seeking business solutions to social challenges. A team of FORTUNE journalists then independently investigates each of the candidates. The final list is selected and ranked by the editors of FORTUNE based on the magazine’s own reports and analyzes. Learn more about the methodology here.


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About Elanco Healthy Purpose â„¢

Elanco is committed to the idea that his business can be a unique force for the good of all in society – starting with animals. Therefore, its approach to sustainability – called Elanco Healthy Purpose â„¢ – is a framework of environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments focused on improving the well-being of animals, people and the planet. Against this background, Elanco released three commitments to a healthy goal, fostering sustainable change and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Learn more here.


Elanco Animal Health Incorporated (NYSE: ELAN) is a global leader in animal health dedicated to innovating and providing products and services to prevent and treat disease in farm and companion animals, creating of value to farmers, animal owners, veterinarians, stakeholders and society as a whole. With nearly 70 years of animal health heritage, we are committed to helping our customers improve the health of the animals they care for, while having a significant impact on our local and global communities. At Elanco, we’re driven by our vision of food and life-enriching companionship and our commitments to sustainability / ESG Elanco Healthy Purpose â„¢ – all to advance the health of animals, people and the planet. Learn more at elanco.com.

This press release contains forward-looking statements, which reflect Elanco’s current views with respect to ESG commitments, objectives and aspirations, and other future events. Statements are not guarantees of future performance or actions. These forward-looking statements are subject to a variety of risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other known and unknown factors which are difficult to predict and many of which are beyond management’s control. If one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or if management’s underlying assumptions prove to be incorrect, actual results may differ materially from those contemplated by a forward-looking statement. These risks, assumptions, uncertainties and other matters are described in Elanco’s annual reports on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2020 and other reports available from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which represent the views of management only as of the date of their publication. We assume no obligation to update any forward-looking statement, except as required by law.


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