Do you want to adopt a dog or a cat? Cincinnati Animal Care at ‘Code Red’

We are only eight days away from June, but Cincinnati Pet Care has already accommodated a surplus of animals, and the shelter is now at Code Red capacity.

The Humane Society’s no-kill animal shelter is currently at fewer than 71 kennels, according to a social media post Tuesday, and its capacity “lingers around the worst it’s ever been with more than two dozens of dogs living in pop-up crates”.

Cincinnati Animal Care urges people to adopt dogs and cats, adopt animals for free, donate supplies or volunteer.

there is around 400 dogs and 50 cats in the shelter or with a foster family looking for their forever home starting Wednesday, according to the Cincinnati Animal Care website.

As is tradition at animal shelters across the country, many dogs and cats have unique names, including Joey Votto (the dog), currently in a foster care with Reds infielder Jonathan India and his girlfriend Daniella Garcia.

Want to adopt? :Joey Votto (the dog) is raised by Jonathan India and his girlfriend Daniella Garcia

Here’s a (small) list of some of the funniest and most unique names for dogs and cats from Cincinnati Animal Care.

The 15 Most Creative Dog Names

  • Blake Lively
  • Tony Hawk
  • drooling joe
  • Kapow
  • Kabam
  • Miracle Whip
  • Destroy it Ralph
  • Itchy
  • Granny Smith
  • Can do
  • Mountain
  • Squirly Dan
  • Michel Buble
  • Oh
  • Nate Dawgg

For more information on dog age and breed, and to see all of the adoptable dogs available, visit Cincinnati Animal Care website.

The 10 Most Creative Cat Names

  • Joe Jonas
  • Worm
  • daddy long legs
  • mr man
  • Red point
  • Black dot
  • Green Point
  • Oven
  • CMA
  • Crossword

For more information on cat ages and to see all available adoptable cats, visit Cincinnati Animal Care website.

Boyd S. Abbott