Detroit Animal Care and Control waives adoption fees to help find homes for dogs

Find a new best friend at Detroit Animal Care and Control!

The shelter is waiving adoption fees because it doesn’t have room for all the dogs it currently cares for.

“We’re giving them up now until next weekend, just to make sure everyone can find a loving home,” said DACC’s Renena McCaskill. “Right now we are well over 150 (dogs). We are starting to double the space in the kennel, which is making it worse for the dogs, especially with any type of illness.”

The shelter, which can accommodate around 80 animals, cares for many dogs, such as Pretzel, a shepherd pup who was tied to the front fence and abandoned Thursday morning.

“It was heartbreaking to watch. I do this job every day, and it always brings tears to my eyes because you saw the dog cry, and say, ‘Why are you leaving me?'” McCaskill said. .

Bretzel is not yet available for adoption but about 60 dogs are.

“You might get lucky and find that one because we’re first come, first served. We don’t own any animals, and we have a number of animals to cross, so definitely come,” McCaskill said. “We have big dogs. They’re just in a bad spot.

All dogs are neutered or neutered and microchipped.

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Boyd S. Abbott