Charleston Animal Society calls for better treatment of animals after dog shootings

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – The Charleston Animal Society is calling for better treatment of animals after saying three dogs were put down in Orangeburg County last month.

The Charleston Animal Society says animal cruelty isn’t just about animals, it’s a community issue.

Sabrina Faircloth adopts one of three dogs.

“Samson was in the face, he lost an eye because of that, thank goodness there was no brain damage,” Faircloth said. “Here we have Marshall who lost a leg, and now we have the third who is actually going to lose both of his back legs.”

Samson is safe in a shelter in Pennsylvania, Fred remains hospitalized awaiting his amputation, and Marshall is recovering in a foster home in Colombia.

“We’re calling for an investigation to find out who’s responsible for this, and it’s all in one area, and they’re all dogs that seem friendly, so it’s very concerning,” said Aldwin Roman of the Charleston Animal Society.

The organization believes that these crimes call for cruelty to animals if they find that the animals were slaughtered for no reason.

“We know someone must have seen something, so we’re hoping this award not only motivates someone to come forward, but really shows how serious these crimes are,” Roman said.

Faircloth has been breeding dogs for about three years. She says she’s heard of dogs being put down before, but nothing like this.

“We’re trying to find a way to help our community achieve,” says Faircloth. “Don’t do something like that; that’s not the way to help animals stay out of your garden or anything like that. Call animal control, and we’ll send someone there to pick up the dogs, and we’ll find a shelter for them.

The Charleston Animal Society says South Carolina ranks in the bottom third of animal welfare laws. The organization wants the community to contact their legislator and ask them to advocate for animals in the state.

All three dogs are looking to make a full recovery, and Faircloth says some people may be considering adopting Marshall.

For each individual incident, the Charleston Animal Society is offering $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and felony conviction of those involved in the shooting of the dogs.

They ask that you contact Orangeburg Law Enforcement at (803) 534-0045 or (803) 534-3550 if you or someone you know has any information.

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Boyd S. Abbott