Canada Goose Reduces Marketing Claims of Ethical Treatment of Animals


Under scrutiny for promises of ethical treatment of the animals used in its manufacture, Canada Goose is changing its marketing language. The Toronto-based retailer was investigated by the Federal Trade Commission’s advertising practices division earlier this year following a complaint filed by PETA.

The retailer, popular for its goose-feather and coyote fur-trimmed parkas, no longer uses the word “assure” when it comes to its standards for animal abuse by its suppliers, according to PETA. In addition, PETA discovered that Canada Goose had removed a ‘traceability-down’ video from its website intended to introduce the brand’s tracking practices when it came to ensuring animals are not. mistreated. .

But Canada Goose says it hasn’t made any changes based on the FTC’s investigation and pressure from PETA.

“We are appalled at the blatant misrepresentation of our long-standing ethical sourcing standards which have only grown stronger over time and become more robust,” a spokesperson said via email. “The changes to our website were not made at the request of the FTC, and the FTC has not come to any conclusion as to whether any prior statements were misleading. In fact, our website reiterates our commitment to the ethical sourcing and responsible use of all animal materials. Any conclusion to the contrary is false.

The FTC investigated Canada Goose earlier this year after PETA’s complaint. On June 17, the organization sent a letter to the mark after the conclusion of the investigation, which sought to determine whether Canada Goose had made “false or misleading statements about the treatment of geese whose down is used in Canada Goose clothing,” according to the letter. The FTC decided not to take enforcement action because it said Canada Goose moved quickly to correct the misleading claims.

“We have taken into account a number of factors, including corrective actions taken quickly by Canada Goose, such as removing the relevant advertising claims from the market and clarifying its business practices in marketing materials, among others,” indicates the letter.

In the Faq As part of its website, Canada Goose mentions its “Canada Goose Down Transparency Standard” as its “commitment to supporting ethical sourcing and responsible use of down”. The brand also claims that its “suppliers are required to certify” that the down comes from a “by-product of the poultry industry” rather than mistreated geese. The language has also been changed on Canada Goose political page.

Pressure from PETA last month prompted Chase to remove ads depicting an elephant pair bathing following claims the animals may have been abused.

(Updated with a response from Canada Goose.)


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