As Rajani rescues Raja, Animal Care Trust takes care! Be Kind, Adopt Desi Puppies and Cats

As Mrs. Rajani Shetty – an animal lover and animal rescuer saves Raja – a stray dog ​​who hangs around near the Taj Mahal Cafe, Hampankatta in the city, and later Animal Care Trust takes care of Raja! Be Kind, Adopt Desi Puppies and Cats

Mangaluru: If you happen to be around Hampankatta junction or visit the Taj Mahal cafe, Hampankatta in the city, you will see two colored stray dogs, which were named RAJA and RANI by the locals there, and these two dogs have been “Man’s Best Friend”, anyone who comes in contact with them. And I, as a regular at the Taj Mahal cafe for my breakfast or evening tea, have been feeding Raja and Rani ever since so many years. Dogs who have no access to food stay hungry and hungry for days and die with almost no chance to live. There are many stray animals on the streets of Mangaluru who die if they are not fed one meal a day?



We all know that Mangaluru is overcrowded with stray dogs. Normally, wandering beings depend on leftovers from food stores, general stores, and man-generated heaps of trash for their daily sustenance. But in many areas of our city that are completely devoid of any source of food for these stray animals, they are on the brink of death in these particular areas. These regions need your continued help to save the wandering souls in these regions to survive. These animals are either rescued from the streets or dropped off at the shelter. Although many of these shelters provide exceptional care and attention, there are still limits to what they can do. And Animal Care Trust (ACT) does its best to take care of stray dogs and cats.

Ms Rajani Shetty caring for Raja after she was hit by a vehicle

Let’s move on to the story of the stray dog ​​Raja – a few months ago Raja was hit by a speeding vehicle and was seriously injured. For a few days he suffered and no one came to his aid. One Sunday while I was getting food for Raja and Rani, I noticed that Raja was sleeping in a corner and couldn’t even move, and really needed help. Being a weekend curfew, there was no auto rickshaw to move Raja to a vet or ACT shelter. I quickly called Mrs. Rajani Shetty, an animal lover and animal rescuer to arrange. She readily agreed and rushed from her home in Ballabagh to Hampankatta, and treated Raja with some pills, and we helped Mrs. Rajani feed the dog glucose and light food – and it showed some results . Thanks also to the waiter at the Taj Mahal Cafe, Mona, for her help. Without Mrs. Rajani’s timely help, the people-friendly Raja would never have survived.

With Raja showing signs of improvement, Ms Rajani was planning to take Rajja to a vet or ACT shelter on Monday, but in the meantime, fellow animal lover Ms Charlotte Goveas, who feeds stray dogs daily, seeing that the Raja was limping had taken him to ACT. shelter for treatment and care. And it was good news for animal activists, that a stray dog ​​was rescued by Ms Rajani Shetty and Ms Charlotte Goveas. And for those who have cuddled and nurtured Raja all these years and missed him for a few months, the good news has come that Raja was dropped off near the Taj Mahal cafe, after Yours Truly from the Mangalorean team asked Mrs Suma Nayak, the leader of the ACT shelter, to return Raja to his original place – and Mrs. Nayak agreed.

Animal lover Mrs Charlotte Goveas feeds Raja

Everyone including myself is happy to see Raja again near the Taj Mahal Cafe, and Raja is overwhelmed and happy to be with his GF Rani? Truly a happy ending for Raja, who was on the verge of death, if not for the timely help of Mrs. Rajani Shetty, Mrs. Charlotte Goveas and ACT volunteers. This humanitarian act by these animal lovers shows why should we help stray animals? Animals, whether we realize it or not, play a huge role in our lives and in the environment. Therefore, it is in our interest to help them however we can. Altruism aside, there are a few key reasons why we should take care of them. One reason is to prevent the spread of disease. Animal rescue helps prevent the spread of rabies by reducing the population of potential carriers in the wild. This reduces the risk of infected animals harming other people and animals in the community.

As an individual, you can contribute to these efforts in various ways. Running a shelter involves a ton of work and they will need all the help they can get. Giving even a small donation or volunteering for a short period of your time can make a huge difference. The best and most effective way to help homeless animals is to raise awareness in the community. Talking to people in the community can bring about changes that will dramatically improve the welfare of these animals. Advocate for adopting pets instead of shopping. There are many pets in shelters today that are eager to find their forever home. Adoption helps improve their lives and allows shelters to take in more animals that need their help.

You can also consider donating your time and skills to your local animal care centers. Volunteering to help out at the shelter for a few hours a week will surely be appreciated by the staff. If you see a stray dog ​​in your area, you can help it, but you must do so with caution. Never approach stray dogs, especially if they look scared. You may have the best intentions, but they don’t know and might bite if you get too close. Instead, call your local animal control or animal rescue center for assistance. Stray dogs are easily startled and can become aggressive when cornered. It’s best to let the experts handle the situation for the safety of the dog and everyone involved. Once fully recovered and tested for all illnesses cats and dogs can be taken in until they find permanent homes. Who knows, you might find a four-legged friend you’d like to adopt yourself!

Volunteering at rescue centers is a proactive way to have a huge impact on animals. Caring for animals is a difficult task and any help would be appreciated. Donating funds and supplies to animal shelters is also one of the best things you can do for the animals in the shelter. Old blankets, toys and other supplies can go a long way in helping shelters save the limited resources they have. Ask your family and friends to participate in a fundraiser to benefit your local shelter.

Fostering is an effective way to help homeless pets in shelters. By adopting, you help rehabilitate pets and teach them how to live with humans. Older and special needs pets require more intensive care due to their condition. Shelters may not be able to provide the care they need in-house and foster care is a great way to meet those special needs. It also helps the shelter because it can channel its limited resources to the animals that need the most care.

Helping animals in need is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Even the smallest things can have significant effects on the lives of animals in the shelter. If you are unable to volunteer or become a foster parent, you can still help. You have a huge impact when you donate to save animals. The funds will be used to purchase supplies such as food and medicine, and to improve shelter facilities. Remember, every little bit counts. Help local animal shelters and pet sitters/feeders.

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