Animal housing, treatment center operates in Azerbaijan


16 March 2015 17:02 (UTC + 04: 00)


Traditionally, it is assumed that one can judge about the society development degree by its attitude to the elderly and children. However, in our view, not only its attitude towards the elderly and children, but also to animals, which are also in need of care and attention, testifies to a higher degree of the society development.

A striking example of the society’s humane attitude towards animals is the Azerbaijan Animal Rescue Center (AARC) opened in 2009. The center is located on the 15 kilometer of the Baku-Shamakhi highway.

Trend news agency’s representatives have recently reviewed the AARC activity.

“The main purpose of opening our private center is to attract public attention to the problem of stray animals and to bring up the human treatment towards them,” Deputy Director of the Center Vusala Ali said.

She said that first of all, help to sterilize stray animals is needed, so that their number won’t grow.

Employees of the Center have repeatedly taken the animals off the streets themselves. They immediately arrive at the spot if they learn that a dog or a cat somewhere was hit by a car.

“People often call us and report the animals that are in distress – the injured cats and dogs hit by a car, with various fractures, the ones suffered from the hands of man,” said Vusala Ali. “A specially trained Center staff leaves for the injured animals. They are brought to the clinic, conduct the necessary examination, treatment and sterilization, and then return to their habitats. ”

The center is equipped with special homes for the stray animals, with all the necessary conditions. Places for walks and sleep are also present. Animals in the centerare under special regime regarding feeding.

The center also offers services of taking care after animals to individuals for the time of their departure. The center includes special rooms for such service.

Cats and dogs are kept in the center separately. All animals in the center are treated with endless love and care. In particular for the dogs there are open areas, where they can play.

Vusala Ali believes stray animals should be sterilized to keep their numbers from growing. She said the center’s employees have repeatedly taken animals off the streets, and if they are informed that a dog or a cat was hit somewhere by a car, they immediately go to the place.

Ali said people often call in, to report on injured animals, and the center’s trained employees are dispatched to take care of them.

She added that such animals are brought to the clinic, they pass the necessary examination, treatment and neutering, and then returned to their habitats.

Moreover, all four-legged residents of the Center are implanted with microchips, which are completely harmless and are their unique medical cards. The microchip provides a number with which one can find all the medical history of the animal, the date of its delivery to the Center and sterilization.

The deputy director of AARC also commented on the videos and photos recently spread in the social networks about animal cruelty.

“Animals shouldn’t be tortured! On the contrary, people should help them, ”Vusala Ali said and called on people not turn a blind eye to such facts and fight animal cruelty in every possible way.

If you saw a sick or crippled animal in the street, you can contact Azerbaijan Animal Rescue Center: (+994 50/55) 355 17 17.


Boyd S. Abbott

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