Animal Care Services, Animal Defense League will host free pet vaccination clinics in underserved areas

Animal Care Services and the Animal Advocacy League are teaming up to provide free pet wellness clinics in some of San Antonio’s underserved neighborhoods.

The goal is to provide preventative care, including vaccines and microchips, to more than 1,000 pets in 2022.

Officials say the vaccination clinics — which are also supported by Petco Love and the San Antonio Department of Parks and Recreation — will not only help protect pets, but people too.

“By ensuring pets in our city are vaccinated, we make dogs and cats healthier of course; but we also protect our residents against deadly zoonotic diseases like rabies,” said ACS Director Shannon Sims. “Our shelters should see fewer pets arriving with easily preventable illnesses and it also makes for healthier populations in our local animal agencies.”

ACS and ADL will work to target residents who will be eligible for each month’s vaccination clinic and services will be offered to residents of targeted neighborhoods.

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“Our goal in 2022 is to help protect more than 1,000 pets from diseases commonly found in our geographic area while ensuring they have an increased chance of being reunited with their families if they become separated for a certain number of years. We are excited to provide these essential services free of charge to those in historically underserved areas of our city,” said ADL Executive Director Joel McLellan.

For more information on services provided and qualifications, email [email protected] or call the ADL Hospital front desk at (210) 655-1481 ext. 104 or 112

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