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– Increase in Lyme disease and leptospirosis Across the country puts all breeds of dogs at risk –

Amid a surge in pet adoptions, a new survey released by Elanco reveals that many pets are inadequately protected against common diseases like Lyme and leptospirosis. Once largely isolated to forested areas, the threat of Lyme and lepto has intensified in urban and suburban areas due to expanding tick populations across the country.

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Survey respondents admitted to taking the health and well-being of their pet seriously. Meanwhile, only 61% said their dogs were vaccinated against Lyme and less than half (47%) were vaccinated against lepto. Additionally, 33% and 69%, respectively, are unsure of the prevalence of Lyme or Lepto in their area, highlighting the urgent need for greater awareness of risk exposure and appropriate prevention.

A report by the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) found that more than 23 million U.S. households — or about one in five — have welcomed a pet into their home during the pandemic.1 As COVID-19 restrictions lift across the country, owners and pets that spend more time outdoors, traveling and socializing with other pets will find themselves vulnerable to Lyme and lepto.

Lyme disease in dogs can cause a number of serious symptoms, including joint swelling, loss of appetite and depression. Dogs at risk for Lyme disease are also at risk for leptospirosis – a serious and life-threatening infection that is accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting, anorexia and lethargy. Dogs are at risk when they lap water from a puddle or are exposed to contaminated mud and dirt in which infected animals have urinated.

“Whether you live in a rural, suburban or urban area, your dog could be exposed to illnesses simply by going about their usual daily activities,” said Dr. Casey Locklear, Elanco’s U.S. medical lead for preventing infectious disease.”At Elanco, we believe that vaccinated pets are the happiest pets. Pets and parents share a unique, loving bond and our goal is to ensure that pets live longer and in better health.”

Vaccines are the best preventative measure to protect pets against infections and the long-term negative effects of disease. Elanco offers innovative products to improve animal health, including a strong portfolio of pure, safe and effective vaccines.

The national survey, conducted by Savanta in January 2022, was comprised of 3,002 U.S. adult respondents.

Additional highlights include:

  • 79% say our pet’s well-being is high on our to-do list
  • 85% agree dog vaccinations are valuable
  • 52% let our pets sleep in the bed
  • 21% kiss our pets on the lips
  • 36% share food with our pets
  • 77% describe our pets as “loving”
  • 83% see their pet as their “ride or die”

These new findings support a study published by Elanco in January 2022 that analyzed the variability in non-essential vaccination rates of more than 3.5 million pets in the United States. This report found wide variation in lifestyle-related vaccination rates, underscoring the need for veterinary practices to close gaps in patient protection.

Pet owners should seek information on pet diseases and lifestyle vaccines from reputable and trusted veterinarians. Full Wag Stats survey results and more information about Lyme and lepto are available at www.WagStats.com.

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1. ASPCA Pandemic Pet Ownership Investigation Note, May 2021

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